BEFORE the bodywork session

Our Seattle Studio

The session starts with 5-15 minutes of chatting about what’s going on. This is not therapy but a thorough intake of what’s going on in your body & what you’d like from your session. We will likely laugh.

We will set up a treatment plan based on our conversation. Treatments may include craniosacral therapy, traditional massage, myofascial work or reiki. It’s your session, yo.

If your plan includes craniosacral or reiki, the session will be done clothed. If your plan includes massage or myofascial work, I will step out of the room while you get undressed to the level of your comfort. (Translation: you can keep your underwear on if you want – the question that everyone wants to know but no one wants to ask!)

AT THE BEGINNING of the bodywork session

This is sort of what craniosacral can look like.

For craniosacral therapy, we will start with a little guided meditation connecting your breath through the body. Craniosacral comes from osteopathic medicine. It has a solid grounding in physical anatomy with many benefits to the mind as well. Here is a great overview video of craniosacral.

Using gentle touch, I will place my hands on your body and listen with my hands to the movement of the fascia/connective tissue in your body starting at the feet. We will spend the majority of time at your head, neck and sacrum and often spend time in your abdomen depending on what you’re experiencing. We will usually include work with the feet and toes at the end of the session.

For massage & myofascial work, We will start with the treatment plan outlined in our intake and begin with the muscles that you have prioritized for treatment. oils/lotions will be selected based on your preference to scent, allergies, etc..

DURING the session:

Most clients experience a sense of deep relaxation…and commonly report feeling that they are in a half

and this is what a massage looks like

asleep/half awake dream state. Some people just plain fall asleep. Some drool. I will wake you up and I pay extra to have the carpets cleaned so, we’re cool. 🙂

The session is primarily done in silence with a periodic check in. You can talk as little or as much as you’d like. It’s rare that we just get to hang out in silence and this work is a great way to experience body-centered meditation that you can practice on your own. If you find that your mind is having a hard time relaxing, we will add in some guided visualizations and meditations to slow the monkey mind.

AT THE END of the session:

Most people are super chilled and use this time to just enjoy the relaxed feeling.  You can take your time getting up and getting dressed. Pop the door open when you are ready & I’ll come back in.

craniosacral seattle hawaii massage kohala
Hawaii studio. You probably won’t want to leave. Hear those birds chirping and breezes moving through the mango trees?

We will finish the session with a 5-10 minute check in of what you are feeling in your body and any questions that you might have. If you have questions about self-care practices that you can do at home, we can chat about those too during this time.

We’ll collect payment if you haven’t paid online (cash, check or credit card please…or PayPal when you book online) and send you on your merry way

AFTER the session:

It’s common that clients feel super relaxed after their sessions. We suggest that you take it easy the rest of your day and enjoy!

Clients often experienced increased clarity, focus and inspiration as well. Morning and mid-day sessions mean that you can go back to work and rock out too