Big Life Changes can bring Big Emotions.


As the saying goes….Change is the one constant in life.  The better we get at navigating change, the more ease we have in meeting change when it inevitably comes.   

Change can come quickly… like a sudden promotion, falling in love, illness, or unexpected death of a loved one.  Some changes have a slower progression like moving to a new city, finding a new job, marriage, childhood trauma, starting or not starting a family, divorce, chronic illness, PTSD, lifelong anxiety & depression.

Change, whether expected or unexpected, often brings Big Emotions.  Sometimes these Big Emotions are so overwhelming that it’s easier to numb them or shove them way way down :-).  Fair enough!

As a society, our conversation around mental health is pretty lousy.  We aren’t taught how to acknowledge, express and be with intense feelings like anxiety, grief, loss.  These emotions can paralyze us from reaching out for help and moving forward – leaving people feeling isolated and stuck in this crappy thought pattern. Boo!   

Many times these emotions can manifest as physical ailments in the gut, low back, neck, etc..  Luckily, these human bodies and minds of ours have some pretty stellar ways to process emotions.  Learning to feel emotions in your body, sit with them, and move them on through…That’s where I can help.


50 minute coaching sessions via Phone or Skype/Google Hangouts/Facetime.  

Informal conversations in the privacy of your own home on the topic of your choosing. 


  • First Session: $90, 50 minutes

Sessions can be one-time or a series.  Based on our first call, I’m happy to connect you to resources/people who might be a fit for you or set up a customized project that can help move you forward.  I take on a limited number of projects but have a wide network of people to help you out if I can’t.

 Sample coaching projects over the last 4 years have included:

  • Managing Anxiety in Big Life Changes
  • Leaving a Corporate Job (lots of these)
  • Grief & Loss
  • PTSD, Abuse issues
  • Pre-& post-surgery support
  • Accountability Systems & Project Ideation/Management
  • Empty-nesting, mid-life crises
  • Joining the Workforce Post-Children
  • Dealing with Chronic Pain Limitations
  • Navigating Marriage & Divorce


Oftentimes, simply talking with a neutral non-judgmental person and awesome listener can help you clarify what you already know to be true and lift the weight of what you are carrying.

here to support & witness your A-ha moments.

Coaching Sessions with me are focused on reconnecting with what you know to be true in your heart AND mind.  Sessions are anchored in compassionate listening and include a mix of: body-centered mindfulness practices, practical rocket science,  accountability & encouragement.  We will likely laugh.  

The goal of this work is not to build dependencies on my coaching service.  I kind of look at it like that mythological figure that rows the boat across the rivers of hell.  I’m happy to give you a ride to cross the river, listen to your story, give some advice and likely have some laughs.  I can get you to the other shore feeling prepared and inspired with a clear direction to start.

My aim is to listen, help you discern what is true for you and help you honor and release what is no longer needed.  Then, encourage & aid you in creating new awesome stuff.  This work is so much fun! 


“Kathy has been on my radar for quite some time and my only regret is not having connected with her sooner.  I recently had my first Skype session with her, and was a little concerned as to how effective an online session would be, but I instantly felt at ease with her.  She brings a warm presence to her work that is encouraging and supportive and uplifting and most importantly, genuine.  Though I have some daunting and overwhelming life choices ahead of me, with Kathy’s help I am excited to continue the work we have started!” – Majella M.

My business sales are up 300% over 1st quarter last year! Couldn’t have done it without you.  I think back to our awesome heart storming sessions back when I had no idea what I was doing. Every time we got together, something amazing followed.  You have been a great sounding board and cheerleader.  Thank you for sharing your gifts.” – Kara M.

“Mahalo Nui Loa!!! Meeting a business expert with so much ALOHA is a rare find and I almost want to keep you to myself. Telling everyone how wonderful you are would be an understatement because you are so much more. You understand that LIFE happens yet your strategic business mind brought focus & clarity during trying times. I’m grateful. You’re the investment that has a high return. My life is richer since working with you in Seattle. Waiwai Au!” – Ho’O B.