Reinvent Beyond Reason: Create Shi(f)t That Matters

I love helping people connect their heads and their hearts as they navigate Big Life Changes. Coaching evolved organically over the years as people started asking for extra support in navigating fear, encouragement for staying inspired, and help in creating clarity in moving forward.

Coaching with me is a nerdy mix of practical rocket science combined with listening to your gut with body-centered mindfulness combined with accountability & encouragement. I’ll help you get to the heart of what matters while taking practical sustainable action steps to ground it into reality. We will probably play with post-it notes and kanban boards. We will likely laugh as well.

Coaching is available via Skype/Facetime/Google Hangouts.

One-Time Sessions

If you just want to bounce ideas about your new project, run your strategy by someone, get advice on moving through change, let’s talk.  These are online sessions available via Skype, Google Hangouts or Facetime.  Or we can rock phone if you prefer.  Book here.

The Embody Project: 4 or 8 Week Deep-Dive

If you’re really going for it, this can be a fantastic reset or launchpad for your Big Life Change.

The best team in Bangalore. This was a 2015 project – setting up a back office in India that embodied the owner’s core values of: Transparency, Mutual Respect, Excellence

An 4 or 8-week deep dive into your Big Life Change. Sample projects from past clients include:

  • Managing Anxiety in Big Life Changes
  • Joining the Workforce Post-Children
  • Leaving a Corporate Job (lots of these)
  • Launching, Revamping or pivoting an existence Business
  • Navigating Leaving or Entering Relationships
  • Rebuilding after loss and Honoring Grief

Book here for an initial session. We can see if the 4 or 8-week plan is a fit.